Adult Education

At Chabad we value a deep and rich learning experience.  Our Torah Studies program brings you a series of stimulating text and discussion based classes that take place on a regular basis. Our lessons will engage you in a multidimensional way by challenging you intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

They explore contemporary issues through a Torah perspective as well as tackling timeless questions in the Jewish tradition.

These classes are open to all, whatever your level of learning may be, and we encourage you to bring your friends along.


To host a class in your home or to arrange one on one study please contact us.

Jewish Women's Circle​

The Jewish Women’s Circle is a unique women's group designed to unite Jewish women of all ages and backgrounds to socialize, learn, laugh and recharge.
The Jewish Women’s Circle hosts exciting events and workshops throughout the year and is a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and reinvigorate in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

Call Us: 914.295.2699  /   /  Pelham, Westchester County, New York