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Designed with you in mind.

Check back for more designs soon!

Easily editable in Corjl

Alef Beis Chart acnva mockup.jpg
Morah Chaya Siddur.png

children Items

Purim Designs

Easily editable in Corjl

Purim Celebration.jpg
Hamatash Bake.png
RH Dinner Handout3.png
RH Dinner Handout.png

Rosh Hashanah Dinner Handout

Contains Kiddush, Simanim Yehi Ratzon and songs
Please make copy of Canva.

Shofar in the Park Handout

Contains Shofar Blowing Service, Shema & Songs

Bonus: Design for Event Promotion on Social Media
Click on images to view. 

shofar in the park handout2.png
Copy of Sign Up At • 914.295.2699.png
shofar in the park handout.png
Sukkot Signs.jpg
Sukkot Signs2.jpg

Sukkah Signs 

About Sukkos, Blessing for Sukkah, Lulav Esrog

Simchas Torah Hakafos Booklet 2.png
Simchas Torah Hakafos Booklet.png

Simchas Torah Hakafos Booklet

Ata Hareisa, Hakafos, Songs

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