Smile On Seniors

Smile on Seniors is a unique program designed to bring cheer and companionship into the lives of seniors throughout Southern Westchester.

For the seniors, simply knowing that someone with a kind heart is there to lend a sensitive ear or hold their hand is reason enough for them to smile and feel uplifted – all week long. Activities and pastimes such as reading, studying, letter-writing, crafting or game-playing, or venturing out for neighborhood strolls, can serve as delightful bonuses to Smile on Seniors visits.

For the volunteers, there is the boundless sense of satisfaction of performing a deed that is deemed of highest virtue in Judaism – showing due respect for the elderly, helping ensure that their golden years are as pleasant and rewarding as can be. The visits also allow for volunteers to be mentored – to learn the valuable lessons of life’s journeys from those who have traveled its many miles.

Together, seniors and volunteers develop a newfound appreciation for the joys and blessings of life. By sharing personal experiences and accomplishments, they inform and enrich each other’s lives. A mutual gift indeed.

Culture and Tradition

Smile on Seniors hosts seasonal programs for seniors at major assisted living facilities. 

Judaic programs include festive celebrations in conjunction with all of the major Jewish holidays, classes and lectures, and performances. Seniors living on their own or in smaller residential care centers are invited to participate in these special programs and events as well.

Smile on Seniors also regularly provides informative reading materials and special gift packages to all participating seniors, further enhancing their appreciation and celebration of the holidays and traditions.

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