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Share Purim,
Share Shabbat

In a world of turmoil there is nothing like a little neighborly love.


This Purim together as a community we will share the joy of Purim and the light of Shabbat with 250 homes in our area.


Please take a moment to sign up as a volunteer to share a package with neighbors, family or friends and help grow this chain of kindness.


The kits will include a fresh challah, delicious hamantashen, shabbat candles, a shabbat kiddush, guide and inspo, and holiday treats.


YOU CAN: volunteer. nominate. sponsor.

Fill out form below to request a package, to suggest a local neighbor or friend who would appreciate a Purim package, or to volunteer to help assemble or deliver them. 

Click here if you would like to sponsor some packages.

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